City History

Since 1920, Sugar Creek, Missouri, has been home to families looking for a simpler life. Whether it's the quiet friendliness of a community of just under 3500 or quick access to the amenities of a major metropolitan area nearby, Sugar Creek has the essentials you need to make your home or business life a little sweeter.
Sugar Creek is nestled east of Kansas City and west of Independence and south of the Missouri River. An excellent highway system surrounds Sugar Creek, including US Highway 24, M-291 and I-435. In addition, you can access rail and river transportation within minutes of the City. If you really want to get away, KCI International Airport is approximately 30 minutes to the North on I-435.
The average temperature throughout the year is in the mid 50's. The temperature can fluctuate from below zero in the Winter to over 100 in the summer. The area gets and average of 37 inches of rainfall each year. 
Sugar Creek is governed by a Mayor and four Aldermen. Each office is held for four years. 
Sugar Creek tradition begins with the Native Americans calling the area home. Rumor has it that Sugar Creek got its name from the creeks lined with Sugar Maples that made the water taste "sweet". Sugar Creek was also one of the many jumping off points for travel to the West in the early 1800's. Wayne City Landing saw settlers heading west, trappers returning to market with their pelts, and barge traffic coming and going up and down the Missouri. After Wayne City Landing, settlers came from Eastern European bringing their rich heritage of music, dance, songs, food and costumes. These immigrants came from Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia and made their homes in Sugar Creek as part of the work force needed to build the Standard Oil Refinery in the late 1800's. 
Sugar Creek was incorporated in 1920 and "celebrated" its 100th Anniversary during Covid. The planned activities for 2020 will be integrated into celebrations in 2022 as Covid restrictions lift.