Fire Department


The mission of the Sugar Creek Fire Department is to provide a high level of life and property safety through fire control and fire prevention services. This mission includes but is not limited to protecting the lives and property of our citizens with timely, effective response to each call for service and enhancing the safety of our community through a collaborative public education and fire prevention program. This commitment is intended to safeguard the general welfare and economy of the community. It is our objective to provide these services in a way that the community will know that “WE CARE”.

Health and Safety


The Sugar Creek Fire Department provides fire suppression and emergency medical services to a culturally diverse, proud and vibrant population of Sugar Creek. Since it organization in 1921, the Fire Department has evolved from an organization focused only on fire fighting, to meet the demands of an evolving community and Fire Service, that includes other critical services such as emergency medical response, building and home inspections, fire code enforcement,  public education, tactical and water rescues.

  • Sugar Creek Facts - U.S. Census Bureau (2000)
  • Population - 3,839
  • Population Density - 465 people per square mile


  • Total-9 square miles 
  • Land -  8.3 square miles
  • Water - 0.7 square miles
  • The total area is 7.61% water
  • Riverfront - 8 miles - approximated


  • Chief - 1
  • Fire Captain - 1
  • Full-time Firefighters - 4
  • Reserve Firefighters - 14
  • Equipment Technician - 1


  • Pumpers - 2 
  • Rescue Truck - 1
  • Brush Truck - 1
  • Water Rescue Boat - 1

Department History

Sugar Creek’s Fire Department was established in 1921 and consisted of volunteers. The fire fighting equipment consisted of two hose carts that were pulled to the fire by car or by the firemen. The hose carts were later replaced with a fire truck.

In 1963, a combination Police and Fire Station was completed at the intersection of Sterling and Norledge.

In 1964, the Fire Department became a combination of full-time and reserve firefighters. There were four full-time firefighters and reserves that could be called in when needed. They were able to be dispatched 24 hours a day.

In 1999, the Department added power auto extrication tools.

In 2000, the Department began running medical calls in conjunction with American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance service.
In 2004, the Department increased to six full-time firefighters.

  • Fire Chiefs - Past and Present
  • John Rezegay
  • Nick Roper
  • Frank Kluska
  • Emil Dykal
  • Earl Conner
  • Herb Soule
  • Pat Casey 
  • Nate Richardson - Present Fire Chief