• We believe a strong community embraces diversity, promotes innovation and encourages collaboration. We strive to lead by example within the region. We do this because we want families and businesses to choose Sugar Creek as their community for life. We believe that a communicative, transparent, forward-thinking government serves the community best. Our community’s success is built upon its ability to remain connected while helping one another.

    Sugar Creek is on the cusp of increasing the number of new businesses, retail development opportunities and community-citizen partnerships at an unprecedented rate. With over 50 Sugar Creek small businesses and 3 national companies, new jobs and opportunities are emerging in Sugar Creek. Outstanding schools, central location and a talented pool of employees makes Sugar Creek the perfect place for businesses to launch their success story and continue to grow.

    Sugar Creek is a prime location for new and expanding businesses. Home to over 300 acres of developable space suitable for office, engineering or manufacturing, Sugar Creek offers a wide variety of options for new and expanding companies. Located east of Kansas City, west of Independence and south of the Missouri River, Sugar Creek offers many alternatives for shipping and receiving.

    Combine Sugar Creek’s job and business opportunities with excellent schools, short commutes to work, small town comradery and neighbors that smile and wave, it is no wonder that Sugar Creek is the sweet spot to live, work and play in Missouri.